Frequently asked questions

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Can I put my cup in a backpack, purse etc while it’s filled with liquid?

We would not advise anyone to put the cup in their bag while it’s filled with a beverage. The silicone stopper can get snagged or become dislodged and other items in your bag may squish your cup which may cause it to leak or explode.

Though there’s no need to worry about collapsing the cup with a few ml of liquid left inside.

How warm does the silicone get when it’s filled with a hot beverage?

Silicone naturally has low thermal conductivity and high thermal stability. Without the sleeve on its about as hot as a paper cup would be but with the addition of the PE sleeve on you’ll be able to comfortably hold your beverage with minimal heat transference.

Are the materials BPA and phthalate free?

Naturally, we only use recyclable plastic and LFGB certified silicone.
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We only use compostable packaging: Paper/cardboard external packaging with cellulose-derived bio-plastic interior.

Tree planting 

For every Eco-cup you purchase, a tree is planted.