Top 4 ways trees help the environment

Trees provide us with many products and services, which is why we are is so motivated to plant trees. But how exactly do trees help the environment? And how can you help the environment by using them?

Here are the top 4 environmental benefits of trees:

Trees store carbon dioxide

Branching tree in a forest

Forests are the second-largest carbon sink on the planet.

Trees absorb 30% of our carbon dioxide which is the the most abundant greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), measured in parts per million (ppm), has risen from 280ppm to 400ppm since industry began..

Trees take up this CO2 using photosynthesis, locking it within themselves for throughout their life and give us oxygen as a bonus. Each tree can absorb around 20KG of CO2 per year and up to a tonne through their life

Trees help sea life

Clown fish and sea anemone at a coral reef in danger of CO2 caused bleaching

CO2 emissions get absorbed into the ocean which makes the ocean more acidic, Why? Chemistry.
This 'acidification' is bad for ocean life, the sea is currently 30% more acidic than it was before mankind really started burning fossil fuels at the beginning of the industrial revolution.
Tree planting reduces CO2 in the air, which reduce how much CO2 is going into the ocean, and prevents it from becoming even more acidic and helps to protect sea life. On earth everything is connected, even the trees on land help the fish in the sea.

Trees build wildlife habitat

Owl perched in a tree camouflaged in its natural habitat

Trees provide a nice cool refuge during the heat of the day, and the days are getting hotter every year.

Trees provide macro and micro-habitats, big and small places for creaturesd to live, forests are the cities of nature and trees are the houses.
Planting a large number of trees creates a thriving natural city full of biodiversity.

Trees provide damage control

Storm damage on unprotected areas caused by wind and water

Trees are great at
1) blocking strong winds (windbreaks)
2) preventing riverbanks from washing away (riparian buffer)
3) stopping landslides and erosion by securing the ground with their roots 

Hurricanes, floods, avalanches, and tsunamis can all be mitigated by planting trees which can saves lives and avoid the astronomical repair bills left by natural disasters.

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