5 ways to protect your world.


Be mindful with water

Instead of taking a bath, take a shower — baths can take up twice as much water as showers. By keeping your shower short (or doubling up), you can save 2 gallons per minute.

A household with two people having just a ten-minute shower a day uses an Olympic sized swimming pool worth of water every 45 years, one house. There are 19 million homes in the UK alone.

Indoor marble shower with Eco aesthetic, trailer indoor plants thrive in the occasional humidity



Recycle what you buy and buy what can be easily recycled like glass jars, tin cans and paper.

one ton of glass saves the equivalent energy of 10 gallons of oil and recycling,
one ton of aluminium saves the equivalent energy of 2,350 gallons of gasoline.

one ton of paper saves about 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity and 17 to 24 Trees.

Alternatively buy eco-friendly items already made from recycled materials.

Don’t forget recycling creates jobs and stimulates the economy while saving the planet, it’s a win-win.

The average person in the UK gets through 38Kg of newspapers per year

Learn to cook with more vegetables

Eating a vegetable dish once or more per week to help the earth. Maybe you’ll need to quickly learn a new recipe, but you’ll also reduce your risk of bowel cancer so….

Slightly reducing consumption allows you to be more selective with your meat supply and move away from unsustainable sources and save trees.

55 sqft of forest destroyed per hamburger - the cost of unstainable cattle production on rainforest land.


Vegetarian pasta dish, a change from meat heavy dishes.

Get a tree planting job

A Wildlife career that doesn’t require a degree.

Trees improve water quality and decrease air pollution. Even just planting them in your backyard will provide the air with more oxygen.

Some of the benefits of the job include both

The opportunity to get some alone time - you only have one responsibility, planting as many trees as you can every day. Great place to catch up on reading, writing, thinking, with little else to distract you.

The opportunity to make new friends - planting has a way of building close, lasting friendships and it’s no surprise, sharing in hard work forges strong bonds.


Reusable, collapsible coffee cup from haqua. Bring your own discount of 25p on your next coffee

Carry a reusable cup with you

All those takeaway coffees add up — and the paper cups will go to landfill. Invest in a reusable coffee cup, you can bring coffee from home, keep your takeout coffee warmer for longer and get a BYO discount.

Help the planet – avoid Styrofoam and plastic-lined paper coffee cups!

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