To solve a problem: disposable coffee cups


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On 5 Jan 2018, a publication was released which brought to light the enormous number of paper coffee cups (2.5 billion) used each year in the UK but more importantly the fact that despite common public opinion they weren’t being recycled (less than 0.25%). The reason? They are coated with plastic.

So that year HAQUA LTD was incorporated.

Plastics were designed to be super durable and long lasting but now they are used everywhere in one-time use disposable products.  

Our product, the eco cup, is intended to help clean up the planet by allowing people to make a real impact with small repeatable actions. To give people an alternative, to provide real meaning to our customers purchases encouraging them to gain control over their future and their impact on the planet.

The key principles of our product design process are convenience, practicality and sustainability. So with the help the public, our researchers, designers and quality controllers we now have a solution to eliminate single-use coffee cup pollution.

Every purchase is an opportunity to vote with your wallet and with your support things will only grow and continue to get better.

Stay tuned to see what we have in store for the future!


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